Vibrant Media

About Project

Design a responsive online platform for a magazine directed to meet the needs of young creative aspiring artists.

Live Project
February 2020

As a creative enthusiast I love art magazines. Seeing new artists, latest trends and exhibitions! I was teamed up with Fanny Ruiz regarding a digital press. Digital presses has been increasing in the last 5 years, young readers are demanding more. Not just in quantity but in quality as well! That supports creative emerging content.


According to research, 26% of surveyed felt the important of sharing what they read through social media. However, most felt it’s very important regarding their online presence & influence. Content is significantly crucial!

More than half UI behavior scroll down looking at all the content available of a single page. Other than clicking on first image & titles are significant to attract attention.

Competitor Feature Analysis

Juxapotz & Hi-Fructose are 2 popular magazine in the creative spectrum. Juxtapoz is more traditional in its product. However, both focus on print. Reveals opportunities to target the new age of emerging artists.

When interviewed those who interested in creative new content felt that art editorial are not emerging and primarily focused and traditional media.


User Story

"As an inspiring artist, I want social media exposure and connectivity, so that can be trendy & start being known in the art scene."
Our art magazine will provide tools to grow as a new vibrant artist. Providing access to diverse creative content to embrace inspiration. Vibrant Media mission is to expand and support new artists through making them feel connected.


To target generation z we wanted to present features that felt native like TikTok UI to capture their engagement. During testing the first response was to tap on menu and & genre to select an article.


Our first approach was tp0create the articles page similar to TikTok UI, but it wasn't successful. The media were still images, therefore it didn't have the same reaction. Also, one of the motivation during testing was to have the availability to to see all the content before choosing an article. That approach took user longer before selecting an article. Therefore provided option especially for mobile based on user motivation either see the latest/trending or content mostly interested in reading. After, testing we saw that generation z users liked the navigation of the articles plage.

Style Tile and Design System


UI Interactions