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Visual Development & Brand identity for client: Greene's Reserve. Roles were to create logo, package design, art direction and site. Greene's Reserve is full spectrum hemp snuff company in Florida. Hemp snuff is an alternative smokeless tobacco.

Live Project
Greene Reserve
June 2021
Andrea Visual development Image
Andrea Visual development Image
Andrea Visual development Image

In 2020, I was approached by Greene's Reserve, a full spectrum hemp snuff company. At that time, Greene's was in the introduction stage of the product's life cycle. Brought on to help with the label design. Due to my knowledge in visual storytelling, I was able to assist them in visual development and brand identity. Take into consideration that not every client understands brand identity. After aligning on a direction with the  team, we transition into the refinement of the selected directions and wrapped with the final design and build of the logo, package design, art direction and site.

The challenge was how to align the design of a product with business objectives.Therefore, it's up to a designer to set them on the right path. In the preliminary stages, mockup graphics were developed to help envision their abstract ideas to visual representations. No products were yet created and the designs were inspired by interviews with the owners and conversation with team members. Later on, these graphics were involved in their stakeholder capability deck so that they can raise revenue.

Timeline of Greene's Reserve Visual Development Stages
The process of how visuals were developed.

Top Label Drafts & Logo

Once I received Greene's Reserve original logo, I notice the readability of the previous typography is illegible at a small scale. Taking into consideration that the top label circumference is 2.25 inches. Therefore, I suggested for a re-design. Visibility rated poorly. It did not follow a premium characteristic.

Logo guidelines:

  • Must be legible and clear at a small scale
  • Feel premium + organic
  • Contrast between organic and geometric
  • Simplicity and modernity or minimalism

Hemp Snuff is an alternative to smokeless tobacco. Hemp & CBD tend to have an organic, clean or minimal aesthetic unlike snuff or snus tobacco industries. Therefore, contrast of elements  through type and shape interplays into the design. Greene's Reserve appeals to both market.

Demographic being targeted to working class men who seek an alternative habit. Overall pictorial mood should associate with the mechanic, baseball fans, farmer, trucker, and etc.

To execute this process successfully, I needed research and go back a step. Conducted various approaches (mood boards, discovery words, analysis, & position charts ) to find an art direction. A brand is not a logo! Next step, visual communicate what was Greene Reserve wanted their consumers to feel. based on conversation with their team.

Visual Identity

Andrea Visual development Image
Andrea Visual development Image
Andrea Visual development Image
Andrea Visual development Image

Takeaways and my role:

By bringing together visual, verbal and behavioral design, created a brand system that unlocked Greene's Reserve experiences. The brands language was formed by other members of their team. Product images are created with 3-d renders and stock photography gathered from adobe stock, mockworld and pixabay. This case study is part one of the services provided for Greene's Reserve. Part two continues with how I developed the website for marketing purposes during the preliminary stage of the product life cycle.

Web design and UI Interactions

Instead of the rustic & natural visual direction, also created other design concepts that focused on premium and minimalism characteristics.