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About Project

Ardan labs is a high-performance software development, staffing, and training firm. They offer advanced training for corporates and individuals specializing in Go, Docker, and Kubernetes. They are expanding quickly, and various sections as online training events, boot camps, on-demand (self-paced), and live.

Live Project
Ardan labs
October 2022

Humanizing the flow for development, staffing, and training firm.


To redesign Ardan labs' website that will enable higher user engagement and retention. Improve ease of the overall flow for those users seeking to turn their programing into engineering.  My team that help to execute this challenge are  Creative Director Erick Zelaya and Marketing & Copywriter Nick Caputo.


To understand what engineering teams, and programers want out of their training, augmentation and development into a superb experience that can potentially increase conversion rate and revenue.

Competitive Analysis

Marketing Position



The main goal was to optimize the website's user experience by integrating brand and products/services into an easy, comprehensive user flow for those seeking advanced training in Go, Docker, and Kubernetes.

How Might We

How might we redesign the website for those who need to make engineering teams more productive; so that they can easily navigate and understand the services that are provided?

Brand Positioning statement

Ardan labs emphasizes in high-performance development, dev-ops, staffing and training. They take an innovative approach of best practices and design philosophies that are proven to make engineers more productive -it considers the impact of services and processes have on developers and businesses. Maintain flexibility, add expertise – grow your engineering capacity.

Brand Attributes

Forward Thinking

in level of product


in the market. Trained over 30,000+ engineers, worked with 1,000+ companies, 12+ years in business


within the industry and service

Moodboard and Stylescapes

High-fidelity Screens

UI Interactions