Hi, I'm Andrea. I'm a user experience designer from Miami, FL.  I deeply care about design that puts the user first and believes that a prototyping mindset is key to successfully building products and services. With over 3 years of industry experience, I worked with companies to create delightful and performant user interfaces. I always approach the creation of user interface solutions with a holistic view. My journey started as an illustrator that imbued my interests in storytelling and experimentation with digital multi-media.

Problem Solver

Tackle complex problems and produce creative solutions for users through applying design thinking and research.

Interface Design

Create a user interface that makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable for users to interact with a product.

Visual Design

Create a language through shapes, colors and typography for brands visual identity.


Create visual narratives through characters, environments and storyboards. Feel free to explore my sci-fi & fantasy art geeky side portrayed in my illustration page!